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Sea Salt & Magnolia Lotions

$ 22

This luxury lotion is a breath of fresh air in a coastal town as jasmine and magnolia float softly through the air.

 Magnolia Meets the Sea

  • Top notes of sea salt and jasmine
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Luxury hand and body lotion
  • Handmade in Minnesota
  • Made in the USA
  • mini lotion size is 60 ml. 
  • mini lotion is the perfect travel size
  • Regular size has a pump and is 280ml
  • Regular size comes boxed. 
  • Skin softening moisture
  • Quickly absorbing formula perfect for all skin types

 Available in 2 sizes. Travel size or full original size with a pump.

This is a nina halls exclusive luxury scent.

How to use: gently massage this hand and body lotion on to your skin to keep skin moisturized and soft.