Are you a Rewards Member yet? 

    Earn points in two ways: 
    1. All Purchases. Each time you make a purchase online or in store, you will get 5% back in points.
    2. Each Referral. You will receive $20 worth of points. And they get 10% off their first purchase.
    How to send a referral: After you have created an account for rewards, log in to your rewards account and click on the "Rewards" icon at the bottom of the page, go to the "Earn" tab and click on "Refer Now."

    You will receive your referral points when they use their unique discount code for 10% off their first purchase online or in store. 

    Redeem Your Points
    Rewards points never expire! Redeem them for discounts anytime in store or online.

    How to redeem points for online purchases: 
    1. Click on the Rewards button at the bottom left of your screen. 
    2. Sign in.
    3. After you have signed in, click on the Rewards button again to view your points.
    4. Click Redeem. A special code will be given to use at the payment page, at checkout. 
    Get access!